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Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze reads her own poem on being a poet.

Length: 1.43m   Topics: Poetry,
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Jackie Hosking | 28 April 2010

I loved this - I love the permission is gives. The doubt it washes away.

Thank you.



Lynne Liddle | 12 April 2010

Me again! I like today’s poem, but then I enjoy most of them - I enjoy the variety, and always share them round my facebook pals. Something I would like to see on the site, is a section where people can request their favourite poems, old favourites - perhaps you could list say, half a dozen of them for people to vote during the week, on which one they would like to have read on here, and you could add it at the weekend? Just a thought. I really do hope you don’t change the design too much if you get the funding you want - I love the black and white ‘blackboard effect’. Somehow it makes more of the poems and videos, and suggests that poetry needn’t be difficult - lots of people are daunted by poetry and think it’s too difficult for them, until they hear it. I also hope you don’t get too focussed on providing material for schools - one section is fine, but please, not the whole thing! Another thing I’d like to see, unless it can’t be done for copyright reasons or something, is a written version of the poems. I keep a little notebook of favourites of mine, that I carry around in my handbag. Can’t always get current books in my local library and I can’t afford to buy many books - doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to enjoy poetry though surely? A poem I thought of today, is a John Betjeman one - The Olympic Girl, quite a funny one in a high-brow sort of way. Another of his, Seaside Golf would be a good one at the moment since The Master’s golf tournament is on. That’s it for now, no doubt I’ll be back! Keep up the good work, and thanks!


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