Contribute your poem

We would like to encourage unpublished poets to upload their video poems for possible inclusion on the Poetry Station website.

Maximum duration 3 mins
Text must be original work

If you choose to illustrate an existing poem, the work must be out of copyright (75 years after the death of the author).
Any illustration, film or graphics or music that you use must by originated be you or be out of copyright.

Your video poem can be on any subject. If you would like a trigger or starting point we have provided some film clips that could be used to accompany a poem or haiku of your own devising. These clips can be located at
Username: poetrychannel
Password: upload

If you wish, you can download these looped clips to your own PC and import them into your own editing programme. Note that there is a download icon below the video when it plays. Select ‘original’ so that you can download a Quicktime version.

We would also like you to upload your finished video to the same site.
You can upload almost any video format. Simply go to the top menu and select ‘Videos’ and then ‘Upload’. When you have uploaded the video, make sure you give it a title and your name. Every video that is uploaded will have a unique URL. You can find this either in the address bar of your browser or in the Permalink box on the right of the Viddler screen. You need to use this URL in your application form below.
If you prefer to upload to YouTube, that’s fine with us. Just make sure you send the URL.

Uploading your video does not result in automatic inclusion. We will make a judgement about whether we feel that your video is likely to appeal to a wider audience of all ages.

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