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Michael Rosen reads the poem he wrote with Susanna Steele in 1980 about the death of Blair Peach. The reading was recorded thirty years later at the English and Media Centre on 28th April 2010 as the Metropolitan Police ‘finally admitted that it is likely a policeman “struck the fatal blow” which killed anti-racism activist Blair Peach at an anti-National Front protest in Southall in 1979’ (The Guardian)

Length: 1.15m   Topics: Protest, Racism, Violence,
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Tom Richardson | 2 May 2010

spot on - might not change the strategic behaviour of the Met’s lads and lasses, but it calls them to account in a neat way -


Donyell | 10 July 2011

Unbleiveable how well-written and informative this was.


anne Morgan/Mhlongo | 22 November 2015

Loved it. Made the point and more, Mum did. Thanks Michael.


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