Miracle on St. David’s Day by Gillian Clarke About this poet

Gillian Clarke reads her poem recounting a reading in a mental hospital, followed by an interview.

Length: 4.18m   Topics: Poetry, States of Mind, St David's Day,
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bernadette morris | 28 September 2010

Beautiful lady, beautiful moving poem.


Nina Serrano | 24 October 2010

I enjoyed this poem very much and found the post-poem remarks very interesting - even helpful.  I was struck too by the poet’s beauty. Oakland,CA/USA


Aronwen McKenzie | 29 March 2011

A wonderful poem read from the page and an emotional experience hearing it read so beautifully by the poet. Mine too was a valley’s childhood and The Daffodils was one of the many poems we learned by rote - engendering a life long love of poetry. Thank you Gillian Clarke.


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