Trainers All Turn Grey by Sophie Hannah About this poet

Sophie Hannah reads her reply to Robert Frost’s ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’.

EMC activities on National Poetry Day 2018 – Change

Length: 0:23m   Topics: National Poetry Day 2018 – Change, Ageing, Poems with Film or Animation,
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Dan Smith | 28 September 2011

Quite Boring but it gets you thinking, not that it was bad, the person reading it sounded bored and angry, and there is not alot going on(Trainers rotate). But this does get you thinking about what the poen really is about.


Yusuf Smith | 2 October 2011

I like this poem because it sounds like she is talking about trainers but she is actually talking about life. When she says that the trainers are clean and white, it means that the child doesn’t know anything about the world. When she says the trainers get old and grey, it means that the child has grown up and as they get older they then learn more about the world and that it is not all as it seems…


emily and natasha | 6 October 2011

it was random but i liked it. it was short but memorable.xx


Harry Van Cowel | 6 October 2011

Well as me myself being a poet i thought it was quite boring. I made a poem myself for all to see.

Come back my love you’ve been gone for so long,
I need you back my love now your’e gone.

Thank you


emma mitchell | 6 October 2011

I like it !!!!!!


barry sidwell | 6 October 2011

well it has good words, but it is verry short and pointless


Isabelle Chidgey | 6 October 2011

we thought that it was good and it explained it well but we thought it was a little boring as they didnt talk very vibrantly!


James Perrin | 6 October 2011

It was very realistic but a little bit depressing and tone could of been added but still
a masterpiece in my eyes


Zoe Mitchell | 6 October 2011

I liked it because it was short and sweet and true.


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