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Moniza Alvi was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and came to England when she was a few months old. She grew up in Hertfordshire and studied at the universities of York and London.?Peacock Luggage, a book of poems by Moniza Alvi and Peter Daniels, was published as a result of the two poets jointly winning the Poetry Business Prize in 1991.

Moniza Alvi went on to write five further poetry collections: The Country at My Shoulder (1993), which was shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize and the Whitbread Poetry Award, and which led to her being selected for the Poetry Society’s New Generation Poets promotion; A Bowl of Warm Air (1996), one of the Independent on Sunday’s Books of the Year; Carrying My Wife (2000), a Poetry Book Society Recommendation; Souls (2002); and How the Stone Found its Voice (2005), inspired by Kipling’s Just So Stories.

Her most recent collections are Split World: Poems 1990-2005, which contains material from her five earlier books, and a new collection, Europa, both published in 2008. Europa was shortlisted for the 2008 T. S. Eliot Prize.

?After a long career as a secondary school teacher, Moniza Alvi now tutors for the Open College of the Arts and lives in London. In 2002 she received a Cholmondeley Award for her poetry.

The English and Media Centre recorded these readings in 1995.

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