Camping by Michael Rosen About this poet

Michael Rosen reads his own poem ‘Camping’.

Length: 1.03m   Topics: Childhood, Family, Memories, Mothers, Mothering Sunday,
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Niamh | 6 October 2011

I think its about a typical family. Random


Madeleine Ann Sewter | 19 May 2016

I love the repetition of the “frying pan without a handle.” the subject of the poem, but really about the put-upon Mum, and so truly Mum like of Mums everywhere who feel under valued. Reminds me of my own very busy working Mum who had a million things to attend to when she walked through the door. She would interject frequently through every demand, problem or request she was bombarded with with the phrase ” I haven’t even taken my hat off yet!” So thanks for prompting the memories and mostly for making me laugh!


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