Crybaby Prime Minister by John Agard About this poet

John Agard performs his own poem in which he imagines the country being run by a sensitive Prime Minister.

Length: 1:26m   Topics: Humour, Poems with Film or Animation, Politics,
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Nuala | 20 February 2010

How amazing; simple but straight to the bone.  It made me cry and laugh.  A poem that is simple but encompasses so much.  Pain in recognising that what we would all like in our politicians is “childlike” honesty and what we get on the whole is childish spoiled brats, whose tears are only ever for themselves.
Beautifully read.


Jack Judge | 7 May 2010

I Really Feel For Thisn Poem Because It jUST Makes You Think .....


Irene | 29 September 2011

Really enjoyed your poem. very witty.
By the way we had a “cry baby Priminister” in Australia his name was Bob Hawke!


bob the duck | 6 October 2011

Our prime ministers is like that now, isnt he? Poor old David


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