Double Trouble by Jackie Kay About this poet

Jackie Kay performs her own poem, exploring the meaning of the number two.

This poem is part of the Poetry Station’s collection for National Poetry Day 2011: Games.
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Length: 1:46m   Topics: Humour, Language,
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Ellie Smith | 1 October 2011

To me this poem expressed the differences between two siblings (in this case twins). I think that this poem was aimed for an older audience because it used some more complicated words and I didnt know who most of the duets mentioned were. I liked how you used completely opposite things such as ‘foot and mouth’ and I think that this made the poem sound more fun and mischevious.


Libby Smith | 2 October 2011

I liked this poem, to me it was very fun and adventurous. It was good how you used opposite things to express how these two people were like. I think this poem is about two people who are older and describes what they were like when they were younger.


emma mitchell | 6 October 2011

It was told in a good voice,and your face wasn’t always on the book well done


India Covey | 6 October 2011

I Liked the contrast between the objects in the poem, and the way she rhymed, it all tied in nicely. I also like the tone of voice she used when reading the poem aloud. Very Good! grin


smacka lacker | 6 October 2011

i thought that she rhymed the poem very well and came up with so many good metaphors


harry foster | 6 October 2011

i think it stands out to me


Ella x | 6 October 2011

this poem had no point but it was a good poem my fav point was at the end.


Annie Wilson | 6 October 2011

I thought that this poem was very adventurous, because it described what it used to be like when she was younger, and it was very fun to listen to.


Dylan Mackley and Alfie Feltham | 6 October 2011

i love how she uses expretion and she uses oposites


jordan | 6 October 2011

i like the repetition that you used also i liked the rhythm xx


bob the duck | 6 October 2011

it is an epic fail because the twins are oppisite and they are not alike at all raspberry


Harriet Tull | 6 October 2011

i liked they way she rhymed, they went with the name of the poem ‘double trouble’ very well. However i feel that Jackie could have spoken a little more clear as i couldnt not hear her! but apart from that i very much enjoyed this poem, well done



Charlotte Stibbards | 6 October 2011

I love this poem! The lyrics match the title and i found it quite fun and bouncy


James Cox | 6 October 2011

It was very good but if the poem was aimed at children i would take out some of the complicated words


tegan f | 6 October 2011

very good and intrestig, aslo it has a good rthythm!


sam tudor | 6 October 2011

I like the words


Molly Gardner | 6 October 2011

She was very happy - she liked having a twin and her enjoyment of growing up is obvious.  She sounded Scottish - is she Scottish?
She connected with the audience.  It had a lot of rhythm which came from the opposites.


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