To Do Wid Me by Benjamin Zephaniah About this poet

The poet asks himself many questions about the world.

Length: 3.37m   Topics: Conflict, Politics,
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alice jones | 11 February 2010

I enjoyed the poem ‘To Do Wid Me’ because it reminded me of the real world and real issues. It was a kind of wake up call and really makes you think. I enjoy the way that the poet read out the poem, he used expression and you could tell that he had very strong feelings about the poem. Also even though the subjects in the poem were negative some times the things he said and the way he said it made you laugh because it was so down to earth.I also look at his other poem, ’ No Problem’ and it again was very interesting and the ending made me smile.I can’t think of any way that I think the poem could be improved. It was spoken as a sort of rap and I keep hearing it in my head still because it had such a rhythm.



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