Tongue of the Hidden (Extract) by Hafez About this poet

Characters and environment created entirely from the letters and the written words of the 13th century Persian metaphysical poet Hafez.

This film first appeared on Channel 4. Dir.David Anderson, paintings by Jila Peacock

Length: 2m   Topics: Love, Poems with Film or Animation, Valentine's Day,
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Joanne Whitehead | 22 January 2010

I love Tongue of the Hidden by Hafez but it is the video that I really enjoyed. I am teaching the Metaphysical at the moment and the imagery expressed in this video will be very helpful.


Min | 1 February 2010

This is the very first animated poem I have listened to! I plucked it by chance after surfing, as I often do, at tangents! A tangent led me to this poem and I sat here, absorbed and still…. I thought it was a modern poet! It’s really amazed me, a very gentle, peaceful place. I’d love to have met the poet….. Thanks to all who have made it available like this to tangent surfers!!!


Megann | 15 February 2010

Its amazing. I love how it captures your heart and carrys it with you to the end of the poem, leaving you with butterflys all over. The imagery it shows conveys the poem well,  i feeel this poet has amazing talent and would love to see more of his/her work. M


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