Radnoti’s Notebook by Andrew Forster About this poet

Radnoti’s Notebook - A poem for Holocaust Memorial Day, read by the author. Recorded at the English and Media Centre January 2010.

Length: 3mins 20m   Topics: Grief, Loss, Poetry, War,
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Meredith Mayles | 28 January 2010

This piece moved me greatly. I’m not Jewish, don’t move in the Jewish Community at the present time, and work for a Christian evanglical non-profit group where Holocaust Memorial Day seems not to be significant. But I have always had such deep respect for what was suffered during the terrible time of the Holocaust, and ache for those who survived and for those who did not. Thank you for making this poem available so that I could spend some time in poignant remembrance.


Jean Atkin | 31 January 2010

This is a wonderful poem, intensely moving, and so careful, as if in homage to Radnoti’s own technique in that rescued notebook.
It’s also great to hear and see it read by the poet.  Nice website!  Nice book too - I’ve got a copy of Fear of Thunder, and take it from me, Radnoti’s Notebook isn’t a one-off.


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