Sunderland FC by Ian Horn About this poet

Ian Horn’s poem celebrating the painting by Thomas MM Hemy (1852-1931) of Sunderland AFC playing Aston Villa.

This poem is part of the Poetry Station’s collection for National Poetry Day 2011: Games.
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Oliver smith | 28 September 2011

I really the like the detail of this poem as ian horn really is getting reet to the last brushstroke, this poem also is a really good example of if you wanted to write one yourself

Exellent Poem !


OluKoyeJo Smith | 28 September 2011

Ian Horn is talking about a painting and how it expresses what a real football match is like. The painting is showing a victorian football match. Ian also talks about the working class people in the audience watching the game.


Ryan Smith 29 September 2011 | 2 October 2011

Ian Horn has described this photo into a poem, as a match in the 19th century. It also shows that football back then wasn’t as developed, but now it is. He also says that the crowd with not as educational jobs gathered together at this one passionate moment arrived and everybody roared for the ball to ripple the back of the net. Then at this one silent passage of time, everyone glares at the ball slowly whistling through the air. This moment will not be forgotten.

                              Oliver read passage of text next time!! x


Harry Smith | 3 October 2011

I like this poem because it shows what a football match was like before all the new enhancements. It also tells us what jobs were done in the Victorian period and how a game was a really big thing and how the atmosphere was amazing.


james b smith | 6 October 2011

this poem shows how exciting a football match was in victorian times and how special these games were to people as they hardly got any oportunities to go to a match. good job on the poem!!!!!


Katie bazela | 6 October 2011

It was good but I think he could have described a bit more or used more adjectives, although he explains what it’s about he doesn’t describe the scene.


Annie Wilson | 6 October 2011

I think he described what football used to be like, and I thought that he said it well too.


India Covey | 6 October 2011

The way he describes the atomosphere makes it easy to imagine, but I’m not really a fan of Football, so the poem isn’t that interesting to me.


freddie | 6 October 2011

I like the similies and style of the poem.


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