Warning by Jenny Joseph About this poet

Jenny Joseph reads her poem ‘Warning’. In 1996 this celebration of getting older was voted Britain’s most popular post-war poem. Film courtesy of Bloodaxe Books.

EMC activities on National Poetry Day 2018 – Change

Length: 1.44m   Topics: National Poetry Day 2018 – Change, Humour, Ageing, Celebration, States of Mind,
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Sue Webster | 22 October 2010

I love this poem although I always think that Jenny Joseph should have thought of something other than ‘butter’ because butter is so wickedly delicious. I think Actimel would be a good substitute.


Priya Smith | 1 October 2011

This poem makes me feel sorry for the character,i think this poem is about a mum of a family with children.Saying that it is hard being a mum,setting a good example for the kids,whilst the husband is there eating his sausage buttie.The mum wants time to let her hair down and to relax and do things that she wants to do.Now that shes older she has to do things that don’t interest her such as reading the papers and having people over for dinner.


Johanna Cowan | 6 October 2011

I thought that it was a lovely peom and it showed her emotions and like the poem lots and lots x


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