Your Dad Did What? by Sophie Hannah About this poet

Sophie Hannah reads her own poem a tale of a young boy writing about his holidays.

Length: 1:12m   Topics: Death, Family, Fathers, Grief, Poems with Film or Animation, School,
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john nixon | 5 February 2010

It’s confusing at first, but after pondering a bit you get the meaning of the whole poem. Sometimes you have to read it twice to understand. Once you get the idea it’s a very sad poem. It’s read in a way to make it sound sad, but it also sounds like a teacher “Your Dad did what!” is very hard.  The poem has a good storyline, because its a common lesson to do after holidays so i can relate to it easily.
As its the teacher reading, this is better than an outside narrator, this gives the feel of being in a school.
The line “boy seems bright” emphasises the fact that the boy would normally excel at the task.  But his mind is closed up with his grief, until he tells someone about his dad, his school work might suffer more. he doesn’t know how to tell the teacher in any other way than putting it subtly into his work. The fact that she gives him a E grade finally make the teacher realise.


Beth | 22 February 2010

I thought the poem YOUR DAD DID WHAT was a really interesting poem and it makes you want to read on to find out what the boys dad did in the holidays. When you work out what happened you dont expect it. You feel sorry for the boys as his dad died in the holidays.


Alice | 22 February 2010

The poem I most enjoyed was ’ Your Dad Did What ’ as it required you to read it twice, the first time you read the poem you where theft thinking, what is this about, but after reading it a couple of times you begin to understand the ‘story’. Once you begin to understand the story you feel happy with yourself as you have uncovered the mysteries of the poem.


dan | 22 February 2010

The first time I read “your dad did what?” by Sophie Hannah was in my English class at school and it didn’t make sense so I came on to this web site to watch the video. I thought it was really clever the way the teacher kept asking him what his dad did but when she marked it it didn’t make sense so she could only give him an E mark for it. Then she realised there was an E missing to make the did into died. I think that the boy was so upset about it he couldn’t bring himself to write about it so he just wrote did. Afterwards the teacher must feel horrible and mean because she made him stay behind and told him off. it was really sad and upsetting but also a very good puzzle. Sophie Hannah was so clever the way she made such a good poem into such a good puzzle


Maddy | 4 October 2016

This poem was very sad yet so moving. It showed just how one letter can change the whole idea of the poem. :(


Gabby | 4 October 2016

This poem was so sad I almost cried. Everyone must watch/listen to this now. It was very sad however moving and it made me think about my family . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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